Working Group session guidelines


How to access the Working Group sessions

Working Group participants will be sent a Zoom meeting invite via email for each of the four Working Group sessions. These will be sent centrally, and the Working Group leads and Student Ambassadors for each Working Group will be meeting hosts. 


How to access the digital Event Launch and Final Plenary

The Event Launch and Final Plenary will be hosted as live Microsoft Teams events. These sessions will be live streamed and recorded. All event participants, contributors and stakeholders will be sent a link to the sessions via email. The links to these live sessions with also be posted on the Home page of this website. Both of these sessions are open to the public, and participants are encouraged to share the link with their networks. 


Technical support

Technical support for the four closed Working Group sessions will be provided by the ASU Zoom support team. The ASU Zoom support team members will be invited to each of the Zoom meetings. They will be able to assist you with any issues as they arise. Their details will be provided to each Working Group prior to the event. 

The UNSW Hospitality team is producing the Event Launch and the Final Plenary.


Event role descriptions

What happens after the event?